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Capture moments in your day that keep you focused on the positive

Founded by me, Macara. My BLISS Daily 3 postings organically began   years ago during a challenging time in my life when I needed to take my own advice. I needed to shift my focus to see the good in my everyday.


You see, we all have the ability to rewire our brains to think positively. The good news is that with training, we can literally rewire the neural pathways that regulate our emotions and thoughts! The process of rewiring our brains is just that, a process. You are breaking old habits and creating new ones..

That is why I created BLISS Daily 3 app. BLISS daily 3 allows everyone the opportunity to shift their thinking, rewiring their brains to look for the positive each and every day creating new habits.


I want to personally welcome you to this community I have created. It is my hope that each of you make the commitment to yourself and trust the process, just as I have. I think you will be amazed at the ripple effect. I am truly looking forward to witnessing how BLISS daily 3 will change lives.

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