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Gut Health

Truthfully, how is your body feeling?  Does it lack of energy?  Do you have allergies?  Are you gaining weight for no reason? Experiencing premature aging? Having mood swings? Diagnosed with a  chronic disease? Well then let's talk about your gut. At least 85% of the time, imbalance in the gut is prime reason!

What’s the gut got to do with it? please read...

Did you know that every single cell in your body is affected by the gut? It is KING when it comes to ruling your overall health. We live in a toxic world and the gut loves to hold onto toxins.

Picture your gut as the protective older brother: it tries to shield you from the bad stuff by absorbing the bad stuff itself. No matter where you are absorbing toxins, whether it be from food, from the unfiltered water in your shower or from the air you are breathing, the gut will be effected.

How about showing your gut some gratitude by taking care of it.  A focus on gut health, eliminates disease at the root then builds the necessary foundation for sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

A strong probiotic is a great place to start and incredibly important, but equally important is to eat probiotic-rich food. (No, I’m not talking about those dairy and sugar packed yogurts products that marketing teams have convinced us are probiotic-rich foods!)

I believe that fermented food are absolute superfoods to improve gut health. Because of my own  history with  poor gut health, I have first hand experience how eating to improve gut health, can be life changing. 

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