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Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that something here resonates with you. Everyone has a story of their own health journey, here is a glimpse into mine..

I had struggled with various stomach issues most of my adult life. I did what I was taught; go to the doctor to get medicine to feel better. Unfortunately, medicine was only a band aid, never addressing the root cause of why I was feeling the way I was.  You see, besides the stomach issues...

I've always been a  fit, strong girl  who enjoys breaking a good sweat. I've ran 2 marathons, my first when I was 37, the second at 39. I trained smarter not harder the second time... or at least that is what I thought at the time.

What I didn't understand was Adrenal fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease,insulin resistance, elevated cortisol levels, leaky gut,gluten intolerance, estrogen dominance.... the list went on and on...My truth is that I finished 2 marathons because my ego would not allow me to quit.  My body was trying to tell me it was sick along the way, but I simply didn't listen, until I had no other option. 

At 53, I enjoy a variety of ways to keep my body healthy including  running, strength training, road biking while spending quality time on my yoga mat. I have learned what my body needs nutritionally to feel its best. I have also learned the most valuable lesson of them all, when to rest. 


Good health is not a one size fits all, being healthy looks different on each of us. It is my belief that we are all a work in progress. I believe in making good choices when given the opportunity. With small daily steps, you can bring your dreams to reality. 

Through my own journey, I have chosen an amazing career assisting clients seeking a healthy balance in their lives. I share in meaningful conversations + have been fortunate to witness some life changing breakthrough moments along the way. 

Wishing you Health and Happiness,


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